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SipScore™ is the perfect way to plan your wine tasting activities and document your wine tasting and dining experiences. Save and share your collection of wine ratings with friends. Use the SipScore™ ratings of your favorite wines and cuisine as a shopping guide.

Plan Your Trip

When planning your next trip to your favorite wine tasting region, you can plan a “SipTrip™”. You can choose to you plan an intimate trip with a few friends, or could create new friends by sharing a public trip.

Score Your Wine Tasting

SipScore™ enables you to create your own personal rating of the wines you taste. You can save your own SipScore™ rating for each wine real-time while you are in the tasting room. By the end of the day you have a complete record of all the wines you tasted.

Share Your Experiences

SipScore™ enables you to immediately share your experiences and wine ratings using social media. Friends can see how you rate the various site you visit and share you wine tasting ratings.



SipScore™ is a personal tool for our users. Users create and preserve a record of their recreational activities. SipScore™ offers a comprehensive database of travel destinations. Each destination includes documentation of available facilities, operating hours and contact information. The SipScore™ community creates public ratings for each destination and their products.



You can choose to you plan an intimate trip with a few friends, or could create new friends by sharing a public trip. Either way, the SipTrip tool enables you to select the geographic region you want to visit,then you can browse the extensive list of possible destinations.

Join Wine Clubs

Wineries are encouraged to provide direct wine club links from Users can easily join wine clubs while creating SipScore™ entries.

Track Your Home Inventory

Member's personal home page provides convenient record of your home inventory. Eliminate over buying and shortages.

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The SipScore™database enables selection of a REGION, typically a state and a SUB REGION that is typically a specific appellation. The list of wineries and businesses within the sub region are displayed.



Wine makers are personable. Most are delighted to meet with curious visitors and explain how each wine is produced. Often each specific years production can be traced to the actual field from which the grapes were harvested. Special events are often by "invitation only", and provide behind-the-scenes tours of vineyards and production facilities.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is the most popular of red wine grape varietals, deriving it's name from the word "Savage." Cabernet Sauvignon from US regions are often a touch fruity. Expect flavors of Black Cherry, Licorice and Black Pepper with a with a subtle hint of Vanilla. These wines tend to have a less tannin and acidity but slightly more alcohol, ranging from 13.5-15.5%.


Barbera is a red Italian wine grape variety. It produces wine known for deep color, low tannins and high levels of acidity. In the lightest variant, notes of cherries, raspberries and blueberries combine with hints of blackberry and black cherries. Many producers use toasted oak barrels or oak soaking boards to provide increased complexity and aging potential.

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Each growing region has factors that determine which varietals will prosper. The combination of temperature, soil condition and humidity create conditions are favorable to come varieties, but limiting to others. Exploring the various wine growing sub-regions provide opportunities to learn first-hand where the best wines of each type can be produced. Each SipScore™ sub-region displays ratings for the best wine and beers produced locally.

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